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Review Yoga Burn

Review yoga burn.  Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn program is a unique 12-week plan created for women who aim to reshape their bodies, enhance their metabolism and achieve a toned yoga booty. Are you curious whether this program yields real results? Is it worth the investment? Here’s what you need to know.

Yoga Burn, formerly known as “Her Yoga Secrets,” features Dynamic Sequencing Yoga, a progressive method that targets stubborn areas and helps women lose weight without the need for a gym or leaving home.

This yoga program sets itself apart from other fitness videos, as it offers 12 weeks of customized yoga routines that increase in difficulty gradually. Each routine builds upon the previous, allowing you to consistently advance while burning more calories*.

For only $67, you will have access to a full 12-week program, which is an excellent deal compared to the cost of hiring a private yoga instructor. However, you can get the entire package for just $37 by watching the video on the Yoga Burn website, which includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. Don’t miss this special discount and risk-free offer.


What Exactly Is Yoga Burn?

Review yoga burn.  Yoga Burn is a program that spans 12 weeks and caters specifically to women. Its primary objective is to help women achieve a toned belly and a yoga booty, which are often challenging to obtain. However, this program also provides benefits such as relaxation and improved flexibility.

To achieve optimal results, Zoe Bray-Cotton recommends three 45-minute yoga sessions every week. What sets Yoga Burn apart from other programs is its strategic, progressive approach, which delivers noticeable results. In contrast to a typical group class or cardio workout, you are encouraged to move at your own pace, and each workout is personalized to meet your individual needs and goals.

Three Phase Yoga Program 

The program comprises three phases, each one designed to build upon the previous and to provide a more significant improvement in flexibility and calorie burn. The Dynamic Sequencing principles underlie the entire program, which will be explored in-depth in this review.

In the first phase, Foundational Flow, the focus is on establishing a solid foundation in yoga. This phase prioritizes developing flexibility and boosting metabolism at a gradual pace. The benefit of this phase is that it minimizes the risk of injury while teaching you the necessary poses for Yoga Burn.

During the second phase, Transitional Flow, the intensity increases as you continue to build strength and flexibility while increasing calorie burn. This phase introduces new poses, and you will begin to notice changes in your muscle tone.

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The final phase, Mastery Flow, is where the real transformation happens. Using the strength, flexibility, and elevated metabolism gained from the previous phases, Zoe Bray-Cotton pushes you to burn even more calories and achieve significant changes in your body. You will learn advanced sequences that even individuals who have attended generic classes for years may not have mastered.


Yoga Burn Effectiveness 

Zoe Bray-Cotton believes that Yoga Burn’s effectiveness lies in its progressive phases. Here’s why:

In a typical yoga class, progress can be slow due to the lack of a structured progression plan. Each session tends to consist of a random set of poses and sequences, which doesn’t promote adaptation and progression. This is why many people fail to achieve their desired body goals despite months of yoga practice.

Review yoga burn.  The key to a successful fitness program is progression and adaptation, which requires your body and mind to undergo change. An unstructured weekly yoga session isn’t conducive to achieving that.

Yoga Burn’s three phases, on the other hand, offer a proven formula for delivering results. Each phase builds on the previous one and starts at your current level. This allows you to dramatically increase flexibility and see real changes in your body over the 12-week program.

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is an experienced certified yoga instructor, female body transformation specialist, and certified personal trainer. She has an impressive 15,000 hours of yoga training and has helped thousands of women achieve their weight loss goals. Zoe’s Yoga Burn program brings together her expertise in yoga and female body transformations to create a user-friendly fitness program


What You Get From Yoga Burn Program 

Yoga Burn offers a unique package that includes both a digital download and physical DVDs, giving you the flexibility to use the program on various devices. The program includes the 12-Week Body Shaping Course, which covers all three phases of the program, along with a quick-start class and 20 detailed pose tutorials. You will repeat the nine workout videos four times each before moving on to the next phase.

Additionally, you receive several free bonuses, including basic audio versions of each class for use while traveling, a tranquility flow class for stress relief, and access to the Immersion Community, a fitness community exclusively for women that offers coaching calls, peer support, and guidance throughout your transformation journey. You also get the Yoga Burn Monthly, which provides an introduction to different types of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Jundalini, Vinyasa, and restorative yoga.

For those interested, there’s also an option to purchase a second copy of the course at a discount, ideal for sharing the program with a friend. At only $37, the Yoga Burn package is a great value, considering the high-quality workout videos and exceptional instruction provided by Zoe.

Review Yoga Burn – Yoga Burn Benefits 

Curious about what sets Yoga Burn apart from regular yoga classes? According to its creator, Zoe Bray-Cotton, here are some benefits of the program that can help women lose weight, tone their bodies, and boost their metabolism:

  • Yoga Burn is tailored to provide women with maximum visual results in the shortest time possible, while targeting common female problem areas. Unlike gimmicky fitness videos, Yoga Burn constantly challenges you to improve, which is the key to achieving real body transformations.
  • The program allows you to adjust sequences to your current level and goals, so you can avoid poses that are either too easy or difficult. This personalized approach is one of the primary advantages of Yoga Burn over traditional yoga classes.
  • As you progress through the program, the sequences become more challenging, which prevents plateaus and forces your body to burn more calories. You’ll also notice faster gains in muscle tone, strength, and flexibility, as well as feel more relaxed.
  • Practicing Yoga Burn at home can help reduce stress levels. Unlike yoga classes that can increase stress hormones in the body, Yoga Burn can be done in the comfort of your own home, without the need to rush or worry about other people’s opinions.
  • Yoga Burn is designed specifically for women, which means it provides the best class for your needs. This is in contrast to most yoga classes, which include people of various ages and genders, and require the instructor to cater to everyone’s needs.
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Dynamic Sequencing Yoga – What Is It? 

According to Zoe, Yoga Burn is centered around her unique “Dynamic Sequencing Yoga” method, which aims to enhance your flexibility and strength through a specific sequence of poses performed with proper form and timing. The idea is to gradually increase the difficulty level of the poses to stimulate your body’s adaptation and avoid plateaus. This is how you can achieve your desired feminine physique. The program is divided into three phases that gradually increase in intensity and difficulty, and each pose is thoroughly demonstrated in a set of instructional videos. Aside from toning and shaping your body, the program also helps you burn calories.

Who Is Yoga Burn For 

Review yoga burn.  The Yoga Burn program caters exclusively to women, addressing weight loss, toning, and flexibility needs specific to the female body. The beauty of Dynamic Sequencing Yoga is that it’s suitable for both novices and those with prior experience, adapting to your skill level while also challenging you to enhance your performance. Results are achievable with just three 45-minute classes per week, without requiring hours of practice. Additionally, the program offers an optional “Tranquility Flow” class to unwind on rest days.

When Will You See Results 

The Yoga Burn program is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, with each phase progressively building on the last. Although the rate of improvement varies from person to person, you can expect to see increased flexibility, strength, and relaxation relatively quickly. According to Zoe, the classes can also enhance your metabolism, immune system, and focus.

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It’s important to note that this program is not a quick-fix solution for fitness. To see sustained results, you’ll need to commit to the full 12 weeks and stick with the program each week. But once you start seeing positive changes, it can be easier to stay motivated and continue making progress.


Pros and Cons – Review Yoga Burn


  • Yoga Burn is a great program for women who want to lose weight in the comfort of their own home.
  • Zoe’s guidance and easy-to-follow progressions make each video simple to follow, yet varied and enjoyable.
  • Dynamic Sequencing ensures that the program is challenging and adaptable for individuals at all fitness levels.
  • Zoe claims that the course can enhance your metabolism, assist with weight loss, improve your immune system, and generally make you feel happier.
  • You can download Yoga Burn in digital, DVD, and audio formats, making it accessible to you from anywhere.
  • At $37, the program provides excellent value. Additionally, if you’re not getting results, you can get a refund within 60 days (although we think this is unlikely!).


  • The program isn’t a “magic” solution for weight loss. For the best results, you need to follow the program for the full 12 weeks, although you’ll likely see improvements sooner.
  • Each video is only 15 minutes long, which you repeat three times instead of a full 45-minute class. This isn’t a significant drawback, as repetition is a critical component of the program, but we would have preferred full 45-minute videos.
  • The poses may not be challenging enough for seasoned yoga practitioners.

What We Think – Yoga Burn 

Review Yoga Burn.  Our initial expectations of the Yoga Burn program were exceeded as it offers unique concepts and is not just another generic yoga video. We particularly appreciate its focus on weight loss and toning for the female body, and the continuous progression that comes with it.

Furthermore, the program’s adaptability makes it suitable for beginners and intermediate learners alike, as it has enjoyable poses and sequences that are easy to fit into daily life.

If you follow the program consistently and incorporate a healthy diet, you are likely to witness real changes in your body. Results may vary based on individual effort and dietary habits. The program also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so trying it out has no risk involved.

Overall, if you prefer a gym alternative that you can practice at home, the Yoga Burn system could be an ideal option for women. We recommend giving it a try and enjoying the classes!

How To Get The Best Price 

If you’re interested in purchasing Yoga Burn For Women, the best place to buy it is from the official website. The program typically costs $67, but there’s currently a special offer available for just $37 (at the link provided below). What’s more, the program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out for two months and see if it works for you.

At the discounted price, we believe the course offers exceptional value (especially with the refund option). And because it’s a digital download, you can begin your first yoga session in just a few minutes!


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